The Need to Write – An Introduction

“Traveling – It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

Never have I ever had the tremendous desire to write about anything until I started traveling more frequently. And never have I ever been passionate about anything aside from traveling (and probably photography). The quote above just says it all. The things you learn when you travel and start facing adventures, whether with family, friends or on your own, you can never ever just keep to yourself. At some point, all the experiences will come screaming at the top of your head, and you will have to vent it out one way or another and share it to the world.

I ended the year 2014 with a promise to myself that I will explore the world as much as I can and try to do things I thought I am not capable of doing. I suppose we all have bucketlists – places to go, foods to taste, adventures to try, fears to conquer before we expire – and I have a pretty long list, too. And since they say life is short and we will never know when ours is going to end, I decided that I should cross out any item from my bucketlist at least once a month. Or, so it would not feel like I’m just trying to beat a deadline here, I decided to live life as much as I can and do the things I’m most passionate about.

Then, the most gorgeous things just happened. I came into the realization that there are a lot of things in this wonderful world a lot of people do not get to see or do, not because they can not afford it, but because most of the time, we are too busy trying hard to live a life of competition that we forget that there’s actually a real life outside of work, that life isn’t just about being at the top of our nine-to-five jobs or getting the highest salary. It doesn’t even always have to be about travel. I do not know how lately when I walk outside, look at the blue skies, see a flower I haven’t seen or get a glimpse of a mountain from a distance, I crack a smile. How many of us these days still notice the littlest of God’s creations? 🙂

Writing never was and never will be my forte. It is one of the myriad things I am least confident about. But I continued to create this site due to the encouragement of family and friends. If they are supporting it, then I guess I may be doing something right, right? This site is not about travel tipid tips, though I’ll provide some of that if I can. And definitely not about me showing you how good I am at taking selfies at any occasion and location. Hehe. This site is basically my online travel and adventure journal as I try to live life happily and enthusiastically exploring horizons. 🙂


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