Welcoming 2016

A NEW YEAR. Another chance to make things right, to get things done, to learn something new and to make dreams come true. A new year to start anew whether in our careers or relationships. And a new year to be grateful for the year that was, for every epic adventure, for every bittersweet memory, for every tear, for every laughter and for everyone who was with us through all that 2015 had to offer. This is dedicated to new acquaintances, colleagues, family and closest friends who made 2015 the best year eveeer!!!


1. I thank God for the gift of travel. For giving me the opportunity to see more of the world (or the universe rather) and appreciate it more that I have ever had in my whole life. For making me realize that my own country is beautiful and worth boasting about. For allowing me to arrive safely where I intended to go and leave each place contented and happy. And for giving me the chance to gaze at the world in awe from 10,000 feet up in the air or from more than a hundred meters deep within the earth.

2. I thank God for the gift of courage. For making me braver than I’ve always been; for giving me the courage to try new things, to take risks and to let go of whatever is heavy in my heart. For teaching me that the heart’s desires can never be brought to life simply by wishful thinking. God would always give us the opportunity but we have to do our part and have the will to try.

3. I thank God for work. For having something that enables me to practice my profession. For providing me more than enough financially.

4. I thank God for friends and family. For all the wonderful people He surrounded me with who made living in this crazy world bearable and worth it. I am grateful more than ever for my friends and family who pushes me on the right path and who always remind me   (sometimes unconsciously) to always believe in myself and to be fearless.

5. Lastly, I thank God for the gift of Life, Love and Mercy. I am not worthy. I am so blessed to be loved this much by You.


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